About Us

Wanyana Projects is a young company, not only in terms of people but also in terms of its drive, attitude and determination. The close corporation has commenced operation and chose Wanyana Projects as the label for what we hope will become the forefront of cultural and purely South African company. 

The name ‘Wanyana’ began as a nick –name (meaning ‘girl’) that reflected the inner and possibly true being of one of the managing ‘Makhulus,’ Vanessa Rodrigues, and has now become the ‘trade mark’ of the close corporation.

As a young girl growing up in South Africa she always connected emotionally and mentally with the diverse South African people.
The ‘Makhulu Wanyana’ obtained a B.A Marketing Degree from RAU and worked at Party Design for 7 years gaining experience in the event industry.

The managing ‘Makhulu Boss’ Nadeem Mahomed, is a qualified and practicing attorney with many business interests, specifically in the Johannesburg townships and has a keen vision for the increasingly progressive development of the townships and South Africa.

He is also a qualified field guide who heads up Wanyana Safaris. Wanyana Projects is divided into 3 parts, namely: Wanyana People – Staffing for events and promotions; Wanyana Safaris – Kruger National Park Game Drives; Wanyana Heart – Corporate Social Investment.