Ownership & management

Wanyana Projects’ Ownership and Management has a level of empowerment from the managing members as follows:
Nadeem Mahomed is a South African born Indian male who owns 50% interest.Vanessa Mahomed is a South African born white female who owns 50% interest and is the managing member of the close corporation.


Staffing structure

Wanyana Projects hires out mainly previously disadvantaged individuals, who need the opportunity to make money on a causal basis so that they are able attend tertiary education, start their own small to medium enterprise or raise a family. Training is also provided according to the job requirements and as the staff progress in their level of skill they promoted to more senior and skilled positions.


Employment equity

Wanyana Projects fully complies with the Employment Equity Standards required, and does so with confidence and a sense of having made a sincere contribution to the transformation of our local society, coupled with success.

Our people (casual and contract) are our biggest asset, and we are committed to providing training to our employees.

The demographics of our firm are currently as follows:

  White Male White Female Black Male Black Female


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(unlimited) (unlimited) (unlimited) (unlimited)
Black Male and Black Female as defined in the Employment Equity Act


Exempt Micro Enterprise - BBBEE Policy
Exempt Micro Enterprise - Exemption Statement
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