Current projects

Orange Farm Community Centre

The talents, skills and otherwise disposable resources of the community are shared freely within the community and offered outside of the community to serve the greater good.

To build a ‘green community centre’ = made from recycled materials, that is in harmony with the ecological system and the economical pocket.
A Community Centre that can rely on the environment alone.
A Community Centre that is a “HUB” of knowledge, training, nurturing, safety and confidence for the Orange Farm Community.

Day Care:
Run a day care centre, where children can play sports, games, read books, learn and be entertained.

Recruit volunteer trainers to train and educate members of all ages in a skill and to outsource those trained, thereby empowering them, the community and the centre.

Vegetable Garden
The centre will grow organic vegetables and subsequently off-sell surplus produce raising an income for the centre

Forms of Revenue

  • A small Membership fee will be charged to join the community centre.
  • The centre could be hired out as a venue.
  • Organic Vegetable garden
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Hiring out of skilled people from the centre through Wanyana People.

Feeding Schemes
Wanyana Heart fed over 1000 children (mainly orphans) in 2008.